Advance Course Three: Practical Guide to Digital Transformation and Integrating LawTech into Practice


Details of Advance Module 3: Practical Guide to Digital Transformation and Integrating LawTech into Practice
While essential to enhancing your cost-efficiency and competitiveness, innovating your practice and legal team can be daunting without careful preparation, design and implementation of “going paperless” and other digital transformation strategies. Increasingly, a wide variety of affordable LawTech products are becoming available in the market. But they could become wasted resources if they were bought without thoughtful change management and legal operations practices.

Your technology implementation plan should be tailored to your organisation and colleagues. This requires you to thoroughly understand your IT resources and capabilities, and may require appropriate audits and consultation on data and device mapping, legacy systems, backup storage and redundancies. We will cover the essential preparations you will need in order to make more informed decisions when picking solutions for your digital transformation strategy, including preparation for adopting AI-powered tools.

We will examine case studies on the integration of LawTech into legal workflows, running pilots and proofs-of-concept and planning for staff training and feedback.

In this session, we will talk about workplace transformation in order to keep updated with the latest solutions that are available for legal practice. We will go through the necessary process and setup to smoothen the integration towards the digital practice. We will share common practices and industry standards on how to work with technology. We will share case studies and compare lawtech products against non-digital routines.

  1. “Going paperless” - preparing your data for digitisation and formatting considerations
  2. Infrastructure setup - preparing your hardware ahead of going digital
  3. Workplace transformation - preparing process flows and training your team on how to operate in the new digital environment
  4. Common issues faced onboarding new tech and how to overcome them
  5. Benchmarking against industry standards and best practices
  6. Technology trends - Where is it all heading and which is better?

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Additional BONUS for all course participants
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Sat Aug 29, 2020
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM HKT
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